Day 84 makes me want to cry…

Cry because there is much upset in this world — the fires, the hurricanes, the political tensions. And cry because I’m so damn pleased with myself and others for being strong, forward-thinking, caring and vulnerable.

Call me Pollyanna. No scratch that. That’s just my inner critic making apologies in advance as a cover for my own perceived naiveté…

I have always felt that the world is dominated by well-meaning, kind and caring people. I now know that is true because of these freaking awesome private FB groups I’m a part of where people come together to solve shared breakdowns in their lives. Breakdowns that we all have but rarely share in full with our family and closest friends. I’m amazed by the vulnerable, wise, honest words I’m reading. The sweet supportive comments I receive and commonality of issues. If only we could be more open and honest in the immediate world around us — without judgment or fear of recriminations — the world would be a place of healing and hopefulness; trust and honor. I believe someday human consciousness will grow out of the reptilian brain with which we’re currently equipped. We are doing so now. Just not en masse and frightfully, not fast enough. {{{sigh}}}

Day 84 is a major milestone for me. Never have I maintained a single stretch of sobriety since my teens probably. I feel so much better alcohol-free. Physically, I’m absolutely getting the upper hand on my health. Now, I’m challenged with implementing practices to produce increased healing. Emotionally, my ability to be calm and consistent is welcome and a relief. It’s clear — especially at 51 years old — how much alcohol perpetuates anxiety and depression. It takes you down. If you are sober curious, I promise you have only great things to gain by living an alcohol-free life.

How do I feel on this day? Stable. Solid. Motivated to keep going. A little tired still. And also aware I need to add in more components to help my body heal after years of drinking. I have glimmers of healing taking place (eyesight, skin, clarity, gut health). I want to win back as much mental stability and acuity as I can of course. And then I want to change my body from the inside out through diet, exercise, western medicine, and natural treatments. In modern yoga, someone said, “the issues are in your tissues”. Time to dig out.

Wishing everyone out there facing the trauma and loss from the fires north of my home peace and recovery. I will be finding ways to be of service in the coming days.

Love, Diana


  1. Untipsyteacher | 11th Oct 17

    Hi Diana,
    It is indeed such a hard time with all the turmoil in the world.
    There are many caring people, you are right.
    They are the ones I try to look for, ones that can give me strength!
    Being of service is important to me, too.
    I am glad you are looking at healing your body.

  2. Marie | 10th Oct 17

    Oh Diana, what a wonderful share❤️
    You have a gift to write so eloquently, to touch my heart….
    I’m so thankful we are in BFB together…
    I’m so looking forward to reading your previous blogs…
    Thank you for inspiring me…❤️❤️❤️

    • Diana at Living an Alcohol Free Life | 10th Oct 17

      You are so thoughtful to post a comment. It feels good to share in writing and to learn it helps others. Thank YOU for being an inspiration to me! {{{big heart}}}

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